About us

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The Lemanic Living Lab is a network of expertise, geographically anchored in Pully, in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, offering its capacities of evaluation, advice and pilot experimentation for all innovative products, services and environments likely to bring well-being or establish a healthier relationship with living beings. These services concern as well the identification, acquisition, co-design as the implementation of the new solutions envisaged and which can benefit from the indications and orientations of the Lemanic Living Lab.

A living lab is a human environment designed for exploring, experimenting, evaluating and co-creating innovative products and services by integrating potential users of these solutions, whether intermediate or end users, in these processes. This approach, valuing as key criteria the various aspects of the "user" experience, aims to obtain essential indications on the innovative solutions’ usefulness, acceptability and range of progression in order to bring more capabilities and options to future users (empowerment).

The Lemanic Living Lab is based on more than thirty years of expert experience. In order to accomplish its mission, it calls upon different partners in Switzerland and elsewhere, depending on the needs for particular skills, estimated and adapted from case to case or profiled to take care of specific classes of problems or opportunities.

Its target area of concern is wellness, an issue, but also a qualitative space-time that we consider in a broad sense where everyone, individually or collectively, by socio-professional categories, membership groups or age groups, can act for their health, quality of life and resilience in relation to societal issues.