Drawing on more than thirty years of experience in TAaaS (Technology Assessment as a Service), trend analysis and weak signals of change, involving the large battery of methodological resources developed within the European AAL Maestro project for connected objects in health, as well as other methods specific to the needs in creativity and design, the Lemanic Living Lab staff and its network of partners, conceive and deploy methods each time adapted to the stakes to be dealt with and the resources available, with several models of how its services can be delivered.

Case studies:


Since 2005, the actors involved in Inspiring Futures and the Lemanic Living Lab programs have been monitoring the capabilities and evolution of stress detection and management technologies. From the first virtual reality systems to the diversity of current technologies and approaches, the operational framework of the Lemanic Living Lab, based on its network of experts, is able to meet the expectations of those who wish to evaluate, experiment, improve, or even co-design solutions in this field.


The concept of augmented reality has evolved greatly in recent years. Initially envisaged as a simple superposition of information on images captured from the real-time environment, to augment the available information displayed in the user’s visual field through dedicated media (tablets, smartphones, glasses), it tends to become augmented in the sense of multi-technology, multi-media, multi-source and multi-actor ecosystems, with mixed or virtual reality capacities if necessary.