The main partners of the Lemanic Living Lab (or L3) are on the one hand the Swiss company Inspiring Futures (or IF), which developed and monitors the L3 programme, and on the other hand its first historical partner for the testing of wellness systems, Physioclergere, a physical therapy practice in Pully. Five other partners have been present since the birth of the programme in 2020, namely the Geneva-based health consulting firm Alinoa, the Franche-Comté-based and Bern-based consulting firms DLSIX-Consulting and ThinkNeo, the cooperative Entrée de Jeux in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the canton of Neuchatel, and the Danish start-up Sensae. In Autumn 2020, the Lemanic Living Lab is in talks with a dozen other partners to complete the pool of skills it needs for its deployment and the services it wants to offer in 2021.

Inspiring Futures

Inspiring Futures or IF! is a Swiss start-up founded in 2015 by Pierre Rossel, then a researcher and teacher at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). IF! is a consulting company offering services of advice (evaluations, trend studies and anticipations), setting up and monitoring of innovative projects, with a perspective that can be according to the needs: economic, technological, but also cultural, social and environmental.

Inspiring Futures is based in the Lausanne region, fully aligned with the Swiss tradition of technological innovation, reaffirming some key capabilities previously developed at EPFL, namely 1) studies on the future and methods of anticipation, including the analysis of weak signals (early detection of change) and trends, 2) creative methods and interest in "creative techs", to which was added the concrete exploration of augmented reality solutions and augmented ecosystems. All this is documented at

Pierre Rossel, its founder and president, is a PhD in anthropology and has developed research skills in technology assessment (1990) and technology foresight (since the 2000s) at EPFL, also carrying out teaching duties at all academic levels. Together with Olivier Glassey from the University of Lausanne, he created Coherent Streams in 2010 and more recently (2015), from now on as a substitute dedication, he founded Inspiring Futures to better leverage the assets developed at EPFL as well as more recent projects and references, notably in the different forms of technology and extended reality applications.

Inspiring Futures brings together and is currently retrieving various past and ongoing assets, including the evaluation of disruptive technologies in the field of wellness, in a programme called Lemanic Living Lab or L3. L3 is a network of organisations and experts dedicated to exploring, experimenting, evaluating and co-designing digital solutions in the sector of "upstream health" (or Global Health), i.e., the art of maintaining one’s health, as well as a positive relationship with the environment and more generally with all living organisms (One Health). For this new Inspiring Futures program, see

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Cabinet Physioclergère

Physioclergere is a physiotherapy practice established in Pully, in the Eastern suburbs of Lausanne, since 1989, and with a reinforced team first in 1997 and then in 2018, with a globalist physiotherapeutic care approach, anxious to remain in harmony with each patient, as well as with all other medical staff involved. Physioclergere has a cumulated clinical experience of more than 5000 patients and is also periodically open to the experimentation of new therapeutic methods or even new technologies in the field of care in the broadest sense. It is in this context of openness that the links with the founder of Inspiring Futures have taken all their meaning, particularly in view with the fact that 1/3 of the patients are elderly people, making Physioclergere a legitimate partner for projects of support and stimulation that can be provided to these people. In a more general way, after stress management, and the encouragement of exercise through augmented reality, new projects deal now with ergonomic adaptation advice to both outdoor and indoor physical activities, as well as for the "physical" parts of cognitive stimulation, an important concern amplified by the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Avenue de Lavaux 63, 1009 Pully

Tel : 021 728 07 09


Alinoa Sàrl is a Geneva-based company founded in 2008; one of its activities is the provision of IT services. Since April 2018, Moïse Gerson (former Director of Information and Organizational Systems at the Hospital of la Tour in Meyrin) has joined the family business, and offers assistance in digitalization of health services, based on empowerment, preventive education and participatory experience for the patient/senior. In this context, Alinoa has worked in partocular on the optimization of processes involving caregivers and family carers and of the quality of benefits delivered. He is also vice-president of the Silver Economy Circle based in Geneva ( Within the framework of Alinoa, Moïse Gerson has developed skills around the electronic patient record (EPR) and hospital information systems (HIS) in Switzerland and France, digital and/or connected solutions for assistance and preventive action towards for vulnerable people: the testing of IoT solutions, serious games, portals for adapted wellness and health services, tele-consultation, monitoring of the patient experience. Moïse Gerson also specializes in digital and non-digital support for people with certain disabilities, such as the blind or sick children who have lost their mobility. A solution called "Silver-pack" is currently being developed to promote quality of life, autonomy and social lonkage for seniors of different ages and in different physical, cognitive and financial conditions and

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DLSIX-Consultingfounded by Denis Larrue in 2019, is located in Morez, the heart of the French eyewear industry, in the Jura department of France. Thanks to the 25 years of experience of its founder, DLSIX Consulting specialises in advising companies in the field of standardisation, regulation, project management and financial engineering for a wide range of industrial sectors. DLSIX Consulting thus provides companies with the necessary information on the normative and regulatory requirements applicable to their products or services, represents them in standardisation bodies and supports them in their efforts to obtain CE certification or various desirable labels. DLSIX Consulting also provides advice on product and business development, with support for project management and the search for partnerships, thus contributing to improving the competitiveness of its clients. In addition to this personalised advisory service, DLSIX Consulting also sets up and manages events and training in its field of excellence: compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology or LIST is a research organization that develops technology-intensive solutions for the digital and ecological age. The LIST is active in various sectors such as space, construction, renewable energy, water management, agriculture and viticulture, mobility, biotechnology and more. LIST's mission is to strengthen the Luxembourg economy and improve the quality of life through technological innovation. To do so, LIST develops competitive, market-driven prototypes of products and services for public and private stakeholders that meet today's economic, social and environmental needs and requirements.

The LIST has about 600 collaborators from more than 45 countries and is organized into 3 main research departments: Environmental Research and Innovation, Informatics for Innovative Services and Materials and Technology Research. Within this institution, it is more particularly with the Trusted Service Systems Research Unit, led by Djamel Khadraoui, that Inspiring Futures has collaborated until now and continues to develop projects. For more details:,

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The Cooperative Entrée de Jeux

Entrée de jeux is a cooperative organization founded in 2015 and specialized in gaming and serious games, a pioneer in this field in Switzerland. Since its inception, it has managed the complete creation of more than 15 projects using games and gaming as tools for evaluation, communication and facilitation of activities. As gaming experts, the members of the cooperative also take on the role of consultants, trainers and facilitators for actions with working groups or established organisations. The main segments of activity are health and social action, sustainable development, tourism and heritage, as well as academic institutions. The team of gamification experts includes a microtechnical engineer, specialising in project management, and a social psychologist, specialising in applied gerontology.

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Nord 50, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Tel : 032 501 52 42 / 079 830 14 86


Sensae is a start-up based in Denmark which, at the crossroads of several cutting-edge fields of knowledge, is currently developing Motus, a biofeedback ecosystem for the active management of stress and anxiety. Based on the science of affective haptic stimuli to manage stress and anxiety, the technology is a portable device with advanced physiological sensors and AI-supported biometric signal analysis. The device monitors key constructive factors for an individual's mental well-being and can deliver relevant tactile affective stimuli such as vibrations, impulses, etc., producing personalized haptic effects and predictive algorithms to influence physiological parameters that may calm the individual. The AI capability allows Motus to learn quickly and adapt to an individual user in order to optimize both the timing and nature of the stimulation. In addition to the patents pending, the development of haptic affective algorithms and protocols, as well as the placement of the device, are based on a large body of specialized literature dealing with affective tactile perception. In addition, the device is platform-integrated and operates via an application on the user' smartphone, which also facilitates subsequent interaction through haptic and non-haptic exercises, as well as the expertise of Sensae and its community of partners and users. Sensae / Motus is open to interactions and collaborations with other digital well-being solutions to improve the overall mental well-being of the individual. For more details, see and

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